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Coper Tube

Selling Cheap Copper Pipes in Jakarta

  Copper pipe is an important component in air conditioning systems, especially air conditioners. This pipe serves as a water channel in an AC installation. This copper material was chosen because of its strong characteristics and is not easily broken. Copper pipe prices vary depending on size.

Copper Pipe Application:
Air Conditioner (AC) & Refrigeration (Refrigeration)
Hot and cold water (Plumbing, Fire protection)
Gas, air and oxygen

Selling Copper Pipe Products from PT. Tiris Global Indonesia. PT. Tiris Global Indonesia sells Copper Pipe products and also Tecumseh Compressor, Copeland AC Compressor, Danfoss AC Compressor, Daikin AC Compressor, Hitachi AC Compressor, AC Pipe. For supply and demand, you can click on the quote request button.
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