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Dryer Filter

Selling Quality Filter Drier at Affordable Prices

 Filter dryer is a component of the cooling system used as a liquid refrigerant container. Filter dryer is designed to filter out dirt and vapor particles from refrigerant circulation. This product consists of several components, including body filter, desiccant, pipe and side glass. Refrigerant will flow into the pipe which then passes through the expansion valve to the outlet pipe. Filter dryers are generally applied to air conditioners and coolers above 5 PK.
PT. Tiris Global Indonesia sells Filter Drier products as well as Tecumseh Compressors, Copeland AC Compressors, Danfoss AC Compressors, Daikin AC Compressors, Hitachi AC Compressors, AC Pipes. For supply and demand, you can click on the quote request button.
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